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2015 project wish list

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 11, 2015, 4:30 PM

I'm not dead, honest. :P

I just took a small hiatus over the holidays. Work and stuff got massively busy and left little time/motivation for sculpting. Anyhow, I should be getting back into all this lovely arty stuff ASAP.

This journal will serve as a idea dump and a reminder of some of the longer running ideas I've been thinking of doing.

Wishlist. AKA stuff I eventually want to do sometime, maybe.

Zecora needs some love. Our Zebra friend is in desperate need of more attention. I'm thinking of maybe trying something more 'tribal' or out collecting brewing supplies. I like the idea of her with a rucksack/pack with all the ingredients hanging from it. I'm always on the lookout for little glass bottles and flasks for this idea.

To be honest, I'm not a massive fan of this dude when hes all 'roided up and "firein mah lazors!!". I though he was a much more interesting character when he had just escaped Tartarus and had to use his conniving whit to gain power. I'd love to sculpt him with that scheming and evil grin and his heavy cloak, ala the first scene with discord.

Mane 6:
All six ponies, season 1 gala dresses. Yus.

More of my OC:
The poor thing still hasn't gotten a name or CM yet. Need to do some R&D before I do anything big.

Fallout Equestria:
Huge multi-pony display piece of the main character from the original and more famous side fics (Project Horizons, Pinkeyes and maybe heroes(need to read that one first)). Big project, lost of planning, detail  and more grimdark than you can shake a stick at, should be fun. 

Ponyville Library:
This is a huge "if I get the time, if" project. I've wanted to make this since the season 4 finale (shakes fist a Tirek! RIP in peace). This'll be another one of my scenery projects similar to my old Zecora's hut model.

Next round of tutorial parts:
I'm going to mix it up a little bit and maybe try a series of smaller "Quicktips" tuts. They will cover anything I think is worth it. Things like paint/brush selection, prepping a model for painting, casting (big maybe), dynamic posing, scenery basics ect. any ideas would be appreciated.

Working on the accessories for my last commission (Blackjack and Littlepip) I realised I had forgotten how much fun hard edge scale modeling is. Even just making a pair of tiny guns and sword was a blast. Dunno what I want to make yet but there maybe several small projects in my future.

Non pony: Le gasp!
This hiatus is killing my pony motivation and I'm finding myself drawn to other things for inspiration. Lotta anime bullshit, but sculpting something other than ponies might be a fun change of pace.

Art misc:
Learn how to digitally paint. This witchcraft has eluded me for too long! I have no doubt I'll be steep learning cliff but its something i want to learn.

There will probably be a tonne more when the new season comes out but for now this will keep me busy.


James Roberts
Artist | Hobbyist | Artisan Crafts
United Kingdom
Evenin' all, Frozenpyro here.

Brony, WOO!

What do I do?
I am a sculptor and painter, simple as that. I work in traditional materials such as clay and paint because I can't do digital art to save my life.

Personal Quote: Art is never finished only abandoned

Commission Info and FAQ:

Commission Info.Please read the following carefully and fully.
All contact will be conducted through DA Notes.
Commission status will be indicated by the sign on my profile page as well as a journal.
All payments should be in GBP (British Pounds)
All payments should be made in full before I start sculpting.
Payments accepted through PayPal ONLY.
Prices are set for basic pony. Additional details and intricate paint schemes will cost more.
Base price does not include shipping. I can ship internationally.
Pony sculpt commissions start at £100
What I need:
    ·         What character you would like made.
    ·         Good quality reference images for the character, especially for OCs
    ·         Reference (picture or written) of how you would like the pose to look.
Frequently Asked QuestionsHello and welcome all to the FrozenPyro FAQ spectacular!

Most of these questions have been pulled from comments in my gallery and the various PMs I’ve been sent. Quite a few of them are very similar so this is my attempt to answer as many as possible.

Without further ado let’s get this show on the road.

Q. Do you take commissions?
A. If the giant ‘Commissions Closed’ sign is still on my front page then no.
I don’t take commissions at the moment. If and when I do I’ll post a journal announcing it. It will be first come, first served with maybe 3-5 simultaneous slots.
I make ponies for fun; it’s a hobby and a way I relax. Doing it for money is not really my thing.
Q. Can you sculpt [insert pony name/my OC here] for me?
A.  Same as above.
Q. How much would a commission cost?

Commission status

Slot 1: OC sculpt for :iconsongcoyote: Finished!
Slot 2: OC sculpt for :iconhellonall: Finished!
Slot 3: Fallout: Equestria double piece for :iconponyvillain: Finished!




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