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James Roberts
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United Kingdom
Evenin' all, Frozenpyro here.

Brony and proud

What do I do?
I am a sculptor and painter, simple as that. I work in traditional materials such as clay and paint because I can't do digital art to save my life.

After becoming a Brony over a year ago I have been flooded with inspiration and have been working on some MLP based sculpts and paintings. The sheer amount of creative talent within this community is breathtaking and I'd like to do my small part to contribute.

Personal Quote: Art is never finished only abandoned

By Celestia’s beard! That was the single most fun, rewarding, terrifying and exhausting weekend I’ve had in years!

Friday night. The Summer Sun Celebration.

So I arrived in Manchester mid afternoon and got myself booked in to the hotel I was staying in. everything went well so I decided to go for a walk and explore the city and generally meander my way to the convention hall. Two hours later, I’m still walking and I’m totally fukin lost, oh how I hate big cities with a passion. 

Anywho, I finally get to the con centre and sign in and get my wristbands. A very nice member of the staff gives me the 50cent tour of the guest rooms, event halls and the vendor area. When I get to my designated table I meet my table partner Grace from, who is just staring to set up. We start chatting as she set up her wares and when she brought out her Britannia and discord prints… hot damn those were some bloody good pieces. She was also selling some if the most adorable little chibi flutterbat plushies that ended up selling out super quick.

After about an hour or so I decided to make my way back to my hotel and get some of my stuff from my car. Simple enough right?… did I mention I hate cities XP. When I finally get back to the con centre I stashed most of my stuff under my table and brought out the stuff that I was bringing for the charity auction (AJ and Zecora by uBrosis and my Britty and Roary piece).

I ended up just spending the rest of the night chatting with some of the other vendors and the punters at the con while being bombarded by noise from the concert next door. I met some really cool folks including the guy whose costume last year inspired my basscannon vinyl sculpt. ( )

Saturday morning. The first day of the con proper.

I get there nice and early and set up all my sculptures, casts, boxes and price stickers. Immediately, I get some attention from the staffers and the other vendors. Nothing but positive comments and praise for my works. This year is my first ever attempt at vending at a convention and pretty much my one of my first experiences selling my sculpts. Super nervous and excited at the same time (nervicited?).


The doors open and immediately GothyBeans of Pegasus Embroidery walks up and snags my Luna piece. First sale within about 30 seconds. Woo! Then the hoards descended! The next few hours were a blur of selling, boxing and conversations with fellow Bronies. Utter madness! By about dinner time I only had about half a dozen ponies left for sale. Having people ask for my autograph was the utterly surreal to me… *mindblown*

My Britannia casts went down a storm and by the afternoon I had practically sold out of all the painted and even the unpainted ones. The last five that I had saved for casually painting on Sunday were brought out and given a lick of paint. They were so popular I had to save them for Sunday selling or I’d have nothing for the morning.

Managed to have a quick chat with a few folks who I’ve only ever known via the internets including McMesser . Really cool to put faces to names.

Next up was the charity auction. This year’s charity was JDRF a research charity for type 1 diabetes. As usual this event was bonkers! Everyone was just digging into their wallets in hopes of getting some awesome swag. Some of the stuff went for silly money. For example, a Chrysalis plushie for £1100, a Derpy plushie £820, a ‘Past Sins’ hardback book for £700. The original drawing of Grace’s Britannia print went for £210.  I was delighted when my Britty sculpt went for £600! Nearly double what last year’s sculpt made. There was an epic bidding war between the guy who brought my sculpt last year and the Hazel Hooves (?) who runs the Ask Britannia Tumblr.

After the auction I finished off a bit of painting and started to faff about with a couple of sculpts I had spare until the end of the day.

Sunday. Workshop day!

Again, I got the con nice and early for set up. Well, if you can call placing out 5 casts and one sculpt set up. Poor Roseluck was the only sculpt not to sell on the previous day. About 15mins before the doors opened some of the staffers came over and started chatting. It was nice to chat with these guys so informally. Mav (the top man for BUCK) even came over an joined us for a couple of mins and gave me some of his old sculpting tools. Really cool. As the doors opened the staffers I’m talking with all pull out their wallets and snap up my last five Britty casts. It’s cool to think that some of the people who made this Con happen now own some of my work. All sold out within the first five mins of the day; I’d call that a success!

The rest of the morning is spent working on the spare sculpts, wandering about the other vendor tables and chatting.

As the time of my workshop approaches I’m getting more and more nervous. I really don’t do to well with public speaking especially to folks I don’t know. This is essentially a baptism of fire for me, lol. At this point I’m still expecting around 20-30 people max to come to my class. I walk over to the workshop room about half an hour before hand for set up and there is already a queue that long.

As time creeps closer, more and more people turn up. With 5 mins to go the staff and I realise that there we are going to need a camera/projector and mic if this is going to work. I have to give massive props to the staff for getting this together in such a short time.

Its time. The doors are opened and 60+ people sit down for some pony sculpting. There's little old me, standing at the front, bricking it with my jaw on the floor. Apparently I’m horse famous or something…

With minor tech difficulties aside the workshop starts and I go about the process of very quickly teaching people the basics of sculpting ponies. For any who weren’t there, the workshop was a quick run through of my tutorial series. I have no doubt that I must have came across as nervous but hopefully I managed to make some sense. Throughout the workshop I would pause and walk around the room to see how people were doing. I was pleasantly surprised to see many people were enjoying themselves and making some top quality models despite the crappy plastercine.

From the responses I got after the workshop it seemed like it was enjoyable and people actually learned something from me. The handful of kids in the class really seemed to be having a whale of a time. HUZZAR!

After the workshop I just tired to relax and chill out being the nervous wreck that I was at the end. Lol. I did a little bit more sculpting and got to talking to a bunch of people for the rest of the con about sculpting tips and tricks.  I had a very brief chat with Adlynh which was awesome because I've been a massive fan of her work for a long time. Even though it was nerve-wracking and exhausting I had fun and would totally do it again.
As the convention wound down I spent most of the time talking with Shortcircuit42 and joining in the madness of the last minute art sales. I got some good laughs out of that :D

And there we have it ladies and gentlemen; my experiences as a first time vendor and workshop host at BUCK 2014. Hugely enjoyable but thoroughly exhausting  

10/10 would BUCK again.

Photos courtesy of McMesser check out the full album here Dooooo Ittttt! XP




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Thanks for the workshop James! It was really helpful, hopefully I can improve my modelling now...
Keep up the great work!
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